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List of Services Provided by Kelly

Permanent Eyebrows:

Permanent eyebrows are used to enhance and reshape your own natural brow or create a natural looking brow for someone who lacks hair growth. This procedure is done by using a shading needle and injecting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Once healed your brow hair falls on top and appears natural. A 30 day touch up is often needed to perfect them depending on each individual and they last about 1-3 years before needing a color boost in order to refresh the pigment. A topical numbing agent is applied to make the procedure quite painless. Permanent eyebrows take about 7 days to heal and lighten about 40%.





Microblading is done the same way as permanent makeup except that a blade is used instead of a needle to create a 3D appearance. Instead of a solid shading, this perfect stroke mimicks your own hair. It can be used to add to your existing brows or recreate a brow with a series of strokes. Because a blade is used it is slightly more painful then permanent makeup however a topical numbing agent is applied to make you more confortable. A 30 day touch up is often needed in order to perfect the brow depending on the client. Clients generally return for a color booste every 1-3 years in order to freshen up the color just like permanent make up. A combination of the two can be done as well. Microbaded eyebrows take about 7-10 days to heal and lighten about 20-30%.




Permanent Eyeliner:

Permanent eyeliner is used to define your eyes by making them appear larger and bolder. A thinner line is used for individuals who want a soft lash enhancement while a thicker more pronounced line is used for a more glamorous look.  This procedure is done with a needle and reaches the dermis layer of the skin and topical numbing agent is applied as well as eye drops to assure ease of the procedure. Permanent eyeliner takes about 5-7 days to heal and lightens about 30-40%.




Permanent Lip Liner and Fill: 

A soft lip liner on the outside of the lips can be used to accent them and make them appear fuller. When adding the entire lip shading to this procedure, it provides the appearance of a permanent matt lipstick needing nothing but ointment or chapstick to add shine if desired. Kelly has a variety of colors from soft mauve to bold red depending on the clients undertones and the look that they desire. This procedure is done with a needle which deposits pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Lip liner and shading oftern require a 30 day touch up depending on the client and generally lasts from 1-3 years before the client needs to return for a color booste in order to freshen up the color. A topical numbing agent is applied to minimize pain. Lip precedures heal in about 3-5 days and it is normal for swelling to accure for 24 hours following the procedure. Permanent lips lighten about 50% after the initial procedure. 




Beauty Marks:

Many people choose to create a natural or vibrant beauty mark to generate a unique sexy signature look or darken their own beauty mark to add definition. This procedure is done with a needle and reaches the dermal layer of the skin. A topical numbing agent is applied but usually not needed for this small quick procedure.




Permanent Makeup Corrections: 

 Corrections are generally done when a client comes to Kelly after having a procedure done by another technician that they are unhappy with. If cosmetic ink is not used and the skin type of an individual is not assessed properly, colors can appear gray, blue, green, purple and red. In some cases if the pigment has faded enough it can be corrected with one application. Most corrections require at least 2 visits and sometimes certain areas can be camoflauged or removed with a saline solution. This procedure is done with a needle or microblade depending on the unique circumstance of the client's skin and color. A topical numbing agent is applied to assure ease of the procedure. 



Scar Camouflage:

This procedure can be done with a pigment that matches your unique skin undertone in order to correct small pigmentation complications or scars.




3D Areola Shading:

This procedure can be used to reshape or fill in an aerola by depositing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a needle. It is usually done after a client undergoes a mastectomy but can also be used to cover unwanted skin due to a breast lift, breast implants or surgical scars.  A topical numbing agent is used of necessary.



Professional Teeth Whitening with LED Laser:

This amazing whitening technique, otherwise known as "zoom" uses 45% carbonite peroxide combined with an inferred oxyginated laser in order to lighten teeth up to 5 shades depending on certain factors such as teeth porosity and receiding gum lines. It is a 30 minutes session and is recommended to do twice a year. Using daily whitening toothpaste actually will not help your teeth maintain their pearly white color because every time you apply peroxide to them they become porous for 24 hours which means you are constantly restaining them with coffee, red wine and other dark and acidic foods. It is better to have an intense treatment done twice a year and be mindful of what you eat for 24 hours then to whiten every day. Also, teeth enamal is not destroyed by the strength of the peroxide but instead by the frequency which is why Dentist's vote this as the #1 teeth whitening treatment in the country. 



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