List of Services Provided by Kelly



Permanent Eyebrows:

Enhance and reshape your own natural brow or create a natural looking brow for someone who lacks hair growth (a nice brush stroke or shading can be done).  



An alternative option for those who are looking for something vivid yet natural eyebrow and semi-permanent eyebrows. Microblading is considered as 3D Eyebrows because it consits of strokes that appear as a natural hair design. This procedure only lasts about 12-18  months and requires a second application 30 days after the procedure.  



Permanent Eyeliner:

Defines eyes by making them appear larger and bolder whether a soft enhancement is chosen or a thicker line for a more glamorous look. 



Permanent Lip Liner and Fill: 

A soft liner on the outside of the lips accents lips to make them appear fuller while full lip shading will provide the appearance of a permanent lipstick. (natural and bold colors are available)



Permanent Makeup Corrections: 

These corrections are used with ink that is used for cosmetic purposes only and with the knowledge I have obtained about skin types I am able to correct unwanted gray, blue, purple, or orange pigmented areas that were done in error by other permanent makeup specialists.



Beauty Marks:

Many people choose to create a natural or vibrant beauty mark to generate a unique sexy signature look or darken their own beauty mark to add definition.



Scar Camouflage:

This procedure can be done with a pigment that matches your unique skin tone to correct small pigmentation complications or scars.



3D Areola Shading:

This procedure can be used as a tool to reshape or fill in the areola area to fix pigmentation problems or after surgery scars or complications.




Professional Teeth Whitening with LED Laser:

% peroxide/medical grade with LED laser for best results in one 30 minute session. (otherwise known as zoom)






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