Beauty Marks, Freckles & Camo Scars


"Amplify a faded beauty mark from your youth or give yourself a sexy signature look." - Kelly



Kelly can darken a natural beauty mark or create an entirely new one to give a patient the authentic “Marilyn Monroe” signature look.


Beuty marks are sexy and unique.


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Kelly Jordan is a proud graduate of The Beau Institute and Paul Mitchell Academy. She has been performing Permanent Makeup and Microblading procedures for 25+ years which include; Permanent Eyeliner, Permanent Eyebrows, Microblading, Permanent Lip Shading, Beauty Marks, Camouflage, Tattoo Removal, Microblading Corrections, and Microneedling. Kelly also offers KJ cosmetics her Medical Grade Skincare Line. Visit her on Google to see 100+ reviews from her remarkable clients.