Beautiful Permanent Eyebrows



(When working out of one of her other facilities the price varies depending on the facility fee and can be much higher.)



Permanent Makeup Pricing:


Eyebrows-                                              $375.00


Eyeliner-                                                 $350.00

                                (top or bottom)         $300.00


Lip Liner-                                                $350.00

                                (with shading)          $450.00


Beauty Mark-                                           $75.00


Camo-                                    $150.00 - $400.00

                                (depending on size of area)


Corrections-                          $300.00 - $400.00

                            (depending on the time frame)


Microblading-                                        $375.00




Touch-Up Prices:


Initial Touch-Up (within 60 days)-       $75.00-$150.00

                                                 (depending on time frame)



Maintenance / Color Booster Prices:


Eyeliner -                                               $100.00-$150.00


Eyebrows -                                             $150.00-$200.00


Microblading -                                       $150.00-$200.00


Lip Liner -                                               $100.00-$150.00


Lip Fill -                                                   $175.00-$225.00


Beauty Mark -                                         $40.00

                                                            (depending of time frame)



Touch-up prices are a courtesy offered by Kelly to existing clients ONLY. She encourages her clients to wear sunscreen and avoid glycolics and other exfoliating products on the pigmented area in order to preserve the color. It is not uncommon to need an initial touch-up in which a second application of pigment is applied in order to adjust color, make the color more vivid, go over areas that did not hold as well to skin factors and bleeding in order to aid the color to last longer. In some cases more than one touch-up is needed as other factors can affect the skin such as thyroid disease, diabetes and certain medications. Everyone’s skin is unique therefore, permanent make-up grabs differently on each client.


Color Boosters and Maintenance Procedures are necessary to refresh the pigment and are commonly done anywhere from one 1-5 years depending on the skin, the pigment color used, medical conditions, medications and how you take care of the pigmented area. Keeping up with your Color Boosts in a timely fashion is strongly encouraged which is why Kelly does not charge full price for those who maintain their permanent make-up or microblading. Kelly charges for all appointments as her time is valuable and supplies are costly. Special discounts are offered only at Kelly’s discretion.




(All new clients are required to place a $75.00 deposit upon scheduling. Anyone who cancels without 24 hours notice must pay in full prior to their appointment.)




Other services include LED teeth whitening  $125.00 

         (packages of 3 for $300.00)


Kelly carries a medical skin care line called KJ Cosmetics



****Kelly offers monthly specials which can be found on her Specials page on her web site.





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