Aftercare Instructions 



Shampoo, cleanser, aloe retina A, glycolic products and scrubs of any kind until fully healed. If the area is still raised and dark continue after care.



Permanent Eyebrows & Microblading:

Wash gently with dial antibacterial non-scented hand soap (lather with warm/hot water and rinse with warm/hot water up to 3 times per day beginning 24 hours after the procedure). Always dry and reapply ointment each time. (healing time is approx. 7-10 days for Permanent Eyebrows & it takes approx. 7-14 days for a microblading procedure to heal over and about 1 month for the color to fully set in). 


Permanent Eyeliner:

Keep moist with ointment at all times, hold a hot compress twice daily in the morning and at night, avoid mascara and any eye shadow that could migrate over the area (healing time 4-6 days) – Ibuprofen taken prior to the procedure will reduce swelling. It is more difficult to reduce swelling once it occurs.


Permanent Lip Liner and Shading:

Keep moist with ointment at all times, carry ointment with you and reapply every time you eat. Avoid salty foods, drink with a straw and apply a hot compress up to 5 times daily (healing time 3-5 days).


When taking a shower:

Firmly hold a dry wash cloth or hand towel over the pigmented area to avoid it from shampoo and conditioners. Applying hot water directly to the area is encouraged. This will not wash away the pigment.


*Proper after care is extremely important and will affect the outcome of the color and intensity. Make sure the area is completely dry after washing it before applying ointment. DO NOT PICK AT THE AREA. Once healed you can go back to normal activity, however, sunscreen is encouraged on lips, beauty marks and brows in order to maintain a richer color and preserve the area so that touch ups are needed less frequently.*


Ibuprofen is strongly advised prior to the procedure in order to prevent swelling and help with pain. It can be taken for the first 3-4 days as needed provided that your health care professional does not list it as a medication that he or she does not suggest you should be taking.


Medical conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes and certain medications can prevent the pigment from grabbing as well. Clients with these conditions will most likely require an initial touch up. Initial touch ups must be at least 2-3 weeks after the initial procedure in order for the skin to grab the pigment properly.



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