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Why Kelly is the best Permanent and Corrective Makeup Technician and Aesthetician for you:


Kelly and Sydni with permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner


Kelly has been performing permanent makeup procedures for over 21 years. She is a graduate of the Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics, one of the top schools in the country. Kelly has seen returning and new clients for touch-ups and new procedures since 1997. She has a wonderful clientele who refers friends and family to her all the time.


In addition to working from her own spa, Kelly works from several well known plastic surgeons' offices and medical spas who recognize that she is an experienced technician who has perfected her skill and is in great demand. Keep in mind that the cost of her services offered at these institutions is double because of facilities fees charged customers.


Kelly's private permanent and corrective makeup practice is her full time job and she devotes as much time as needed to satisfy all of her clients. She does follow up calls with each and every client to make sure that they are satisfied.


Kelly can offer you wonderful referrals from previous and existing clients for all of her procedures which will attest to the fact that these clients are extremely happy with their permanent makeup services.


Kelly is also a licensed medical aesthetician (skin care therapist) who has a great deal of experience in the plastic surgery industry. She can provide you with information regarding surgery procedures, injectables, skin care for anti aging and acne. She has experience performing IPL laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other aesthetic procedures pertaining to the skin. This is also what makes her an expert in the field of micropigmentation (permanent makeup) because she understands the layers of skin and at what depth she needs to reach in order to deposit pigment based on the client's skin and area of the body.


Kelly also performs corrective permanent cosmetics and clients often come to her to correct mistakes made by other technicians.


Kelly is experienced in mixing colors based on a client's Fitzpatrick skin type and existing pigment so that the outcome is warm or cool. You will never see blue, gray or purple eyebrows on her clients due to lack of experience or understanding of the skin. Kelly is a specialist in eyeliner tails which most technicians will not do.


Kelly offers complimentary consultations which provide potential clients with before and after photos, a variety of colors to choose from and an actual template of the procedure that can be drawn on with a pencil. She wants you to be comfortable with her, see her procedure room and let you decide whether she is the right technician for you.


Kelly thanks all of her wonderful clients and especially those who took the time to write testimonials or facebook posts for her. They are truly the reason that she works so hard and has chosen this industry. She loves her makeup ladies and considers each and every one a friend. She performs her own permanent makeup which includes lip liner, eyebrows, eyeliner and beauty mark.

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